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A wide range of possibilities: our unique portfolio

Special glass types are fascinating products that enable inexhaustible possibilities for todays' and future applications. We are proud to be an expert partner for the glass industries in supporting them to convert their glass innovations into tangible achievements by making use of our innovation potential related to our core compentence around PGM.


Tailored to individual needs

No tube, no welding seam, no connection, no branch or any other part must have a weak spot - certainly not at normal temperatures, but for sure not during operation at very high temperatures and for very long service times.

One may ask how we manage to master all the various specific and novel challenges regarding PGM component quality, reliability, and durability. The answer is actually quite simple: by applying the best technologies that are available, by continuously working on innovating and fine-tuning them, or even by inventing new ones in case no solution is available yet. But the challenge is even more demanding: in the majority of projects we need to develop individual solutions for our customers, so we don't take components off the shelf. Each of these projects yields a technology based prototype, that needs to work instantly once installed in the process. Hence our adaptability can only be based on technology leadership.

We apply a wide scope of sophisticated manufacturing technologies: starting with various melting, rolling, spinning, and drawing techniques, up to state-of-the-art machine cutting, punching and welding techniques, complemented by specialised forging technology, and materials technology like powder metallurgical routines. Further prominent examples are hydraulic forming and hydroforming techniques. Some of our routines are patented so we can make sure that our leadership position cannot easily be attacked. The recipe to success lies in our unique combination of skilled manufacturing and fully automated routines executed with pioneering equipment.







Hammer Welding



Skilled people with long-lasting experience cannot be replaced by machines in our business. In contrast, they contribute substantially to the high intrinsic quality standards of our products due to the know-how they carry in their heads and hands. We do also engineer our tooling devices inhouse which gives us further flexibility related to technology. The majority of our automated processes is supported by our strong inhouse process engineering & development, all based on CAM Excellence. This way we can assure that despite a high portion of hand-made work we do still comply with competitive delivery times. All our manufacturing technologies are accomodated with the properties of the materials they deal with and with our strong applied technology capabilities. Repeated reflexion of how we do things is the key to excellence in our manufacturing technology.