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Glass Industry Solutions

Special glass types are fascinating products that enable inexhaustible possibilities for todays' and future applications. We are proud to be an expert partner for the glass industries in supporting them to convet their glass innovations into tangible achievements by making use of our innovation potential related to our core competence around PGM.

Adding value to the special glass industries

High purity glass - also referred to as special glass - usually consists of borosilicate blends and hence needs to be distinguished from conventional soda-lime glass and lead glass. The main applications for this kind of glass can be found in the following five market segments:

  • Display & Cover Glass: Screens, Laptops, Touchpanels
  • Optical Glass: Camera Lenses, Mirrors, Prisms
  • Technical Glass: Cooking Surfaces, Lab Glass, Lighting
  • Crystal Glass: Household, Decoration
  • Fiber Glass: Composites, Isolation