01 Feb 2017

Events 2017

Being a global technology leader for state-of-the-art PGM based engineered solutions it is a matter of fact for us to step into constant interaction with the key players of our target industries.

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15 Jul 2016

A new generation of gauzes takes over catalytic ammonia oxidation: MPAC

Multi-Combination Gauze Pack is Umicore‘s long expected latest innovation for any kind of ammonia oxidation catalysis. Based on the success story of the already unique multi-layer gauze systems that…

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13 Jul 2016

Beyond simple stirring in glass homogenisation: the ARCtwister

Looking back on PEM’s long lasting successful history of re-designing existing glass stirrers, PEM asked the following questions:

Which geometries make for the best possible homogenisation…

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27 May 2014

Have you ever considered the impact of gauze structure on process performance?

We minimize side reactions
to MAXIMIZE product yield!

Two main factors are influencing the overall performance of gauzes in ammonia oxidation: Composition and Structure.

Our adapted flat-bed knitting…

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