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Have you ever considered the impact of gauze structure on process performance?

Platinum Engineered Materials

We minimize side reactions
to MAXIMIZE product yield!

Two main factors are influencing the overall performance of gauzes in ammonia oxidation: Composition and Structure.

Our adapted flat-bed knitting technology has taken gauze designs many steps further by moving them into the 3rd dimension. All our gauzes, no matter if single- or multi-layer, are not just a conventional arrangement of wires like in any flat gauze, but are real three-dimensional structures. Dedicated amounts of wires are oriented out of the layer-plane resulting in optimized spatial arrangement to achieve maximum contact with the gas mix.

An innovation programme started in 2012 to develop the next generation of our multi-dimensional and multi-layer gauzes will make them true multi-tasking systems by adding functionalities built on the already proven smart features. These systems will be characterised by an increased available surface for reaction to positively impact selectivity and yield. Improved performance related to net metal losses, reduced overall gauze weight, or distinctly increased mechanical strength will also be among the upcoming exciting features.