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Smart Platinum based solutions for key industries

High added value creation by technology leadership

We are a global technology leader for either cast or FKS® Platinum materials based comprehensive, tailor-made engineered solutions. We support key players in major industries to reach the best possible performance with their production processes regarding the platinum component - being it for special glass melting & forming, fiber glass melting & forming, or ammonia oxidation.

Process Excellence Model

 To support our customers in managing the trade off between cost savings to remain competitive, while at the same time complying with increasingly demanding requirements from their target markets, our business unit applies solutions that are mainly based on innovation and technology.

We have evolved from a mere PGM component supplier to the only provider of single-source solutions utilizing a sophisticated toolbox: spanning everything from engineering & designing, advanced engineered materials, manufacturing technologies, as well as services like state-of-the-art analytics, consulting and training, up to complementary non-PGM products to round off what is necessary to come up with holistic solutions. Of course, we do also close the loop in terms of material flows, and do provide recycling of both, PGM and non-PGM materials.



Engineered solutions are the key to optimize design & functionality of customer's platinum devices.


  • Special glass production process
  • Fiber glass production process
  • Ammonia oxidation process



Achievements regarding the platinum component before, during and after use in our customers' production process.


  • Savings: Lower total costs
  • Solutions: Higher competitiveness
  • Security: Reduced risk