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Smart Platinum based solutions for key industries

High added value creation by technology leadership

We are a global technology leader for either cast or FKS® Platinum materials based comprehensive, tailor-made engineered solutions. We support key players in major industries to reach the best possible performance with their production processes regarding the platinum component - being it for special glass melting & forming, fiber glass melting & forming, or ammonia oxidation.

Your Benefits


Total cost efficiency:

  • Reduction of PGM* inventory
  • Reduction of PGM* losses in operation
  • Reduction of PGM* losses during refining
  • Reduction of Rhodium requirements
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of raw material consumption
  • Increase of PGM* component service time



Increase of competitiveness:

  • Improvement of product quality
  • Improvement of product purity
  • Increase of product diversity
  • Increase of production yields



Reduction of Risk:

  • Increase of campaign duration
  • Reduction of process down-times
  • Reduction of maintenance efforts
  • Smooth operation behaviour
  • Reduction of financial risk

*PGM = Platinum Group Metals