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Beyond simple stirring in glass homogenisation: the ARCtwister

Platinum Engineered Materials

Looking back on PEM’s long lasting successful history of re-designing existing glass stirrers, PEM asked the following questions:

Which geometries make for the best possible homogenisation result?

Which design achieves this

  • with the least amount of precious metal?
  • with the highest operational safety?
  • with the highest degree of versatility and modularity to accommodate different applications?
  • at the lowest shearing torque.


Those questions spurred an extensive and thorough development program, studying homogenisation dynamics in all known situations and optimising precious metal use as well as operational safety. The learnings from this effort led to the invention of a new lightweight and modular homogenisation device so unique in its functionality and so different to how conventional stirrers operate, that we call it ARCtwister.

Find out how the ARCtwister can help improve your glass quality, PGM-inventory and operational safety to name just a few. Its modular design will also fit your application without having to change existing periphery.

ARCtwister in more detail...