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A wide range of possibilities: our unique portfolio

Special glass types are fascinating products that enable inexhaustible possibilities for todays' and future applications. We are proud to be an expert partner for the glass industries in supporting them to convert their glass innovations into tangible achievements by making use of our innovation potential related to our core compentence around PGM.


Long-term partnerships for sustainable results

Our solid market position not only reflects the continuous high quality of our products and services. It's as much a consequence of our approach to work in long-term partnerships towards shared objectives with our customers. Providing single-source engineered solutions to our customers automatically triggers a higher level of commitment, as we do not walk away after the service is completed, we stick to our Life Cycle Management approach.

We never underestimate the economics of peace of mind: A good partnership ensures against unexpected problems or emergencies. The benefits of such a partnership are hard to quantify. The certainty to have a trustworthy partner is an achievement just as valuable as the services and the products we offer. And as we are used to working on total cost calculations we have even found a way to express these benefits in facts and figures.

To consult our customers in the best possible way by a wide range of services has always been an integral part of our business model. The scope spans everything from metals management, logistics, market analysis, troubleshooting, on-site support up to specific services on demand. Technically we provide trainings, identify strong points as well as areas of improvement related to the conditions the PGM catalyst is confronted with in the process.

Secure Packaging 


Component Inspection


Tooling Design