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A wide range of possibilities: our unique portfolio

Special glass types are fascinating products that enable inexhaustible possibilities for todays' and future applications. We are proud to be an expert partner for the glass industries in supporting them to convert their glass innovations into tangible achievements by making use of our innovation potential related to our core compentence around PGM.


Smart designs for excellent components

We can offer a wide range of features due to our sophisticated engineering capabilities, our long-lasting experience, and inhouse expertise of our target industries.

Patented constructions

The engineering of thin-walled sheet metal constructions for temperatures of up to 1,650° C is a demanding task. While thin means less expensive, it does also mean the near impossible - unless the advantageous properties of the material are combined with advanced shaping methods and joining techniques during component manufacturing. Umicore has developed components with corrugated tubes based on patented hydraulic forming methods. Here the component geometry extenuates most of the elongation, this increasing the strength of thin-walled components.

Self-supporting designs

The excellent mechanical and chemical properties of our different FKS® material grades enable revolutionary unsupported PGM constructions applicable to stirrers and plungers that resist high temperatures. Such free-standing component designs are unique for the industry and can only be achieved by smart design solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the respective PGM material properties. These advantages relate to cost savings and process security: less heat loss, shorter in- and out-times, prolonged working life.

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Feeder Cell