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Perfectly adapted to process needs

Two main factors are influencing the overall performance of gauzes in ammonia oxidation: Composition and Structure.

Our adapted flat-bed knitting technology has taken gauze designs many steps further by moving them into the 3rd dimension. All our gauzes, no matter if single- or multi-layer, are not just a conventional arrangement of wires like in any flat gauze, but are real three-dimensional structures. Dedicated amounts of wires are oriented out of the layer-plane resulting in optimized spatial arrangement to achieve maximum contact with the gas mix.

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MKS: Low & Medium Pressure Converters

Adjusted structure

Customized adjustment of the gauze layer composition to the demands and the operational regime of any particular converter setting:

  • Indiviualised gauze structure that is well balanced to the gauze position within the assembly
  • Layer-specific activity & selectivity level
  • Essential wire sizes in the different gauze layer positions
  • Intelligent combination of single- and multilayer gauze types


Process Excellence

Total Cost reduction by means of

  • Remarkable reduction of ammonia consumption
  • Extended gauze life and campaign length
  • Slight primary losses of Platinum
  • Reduced inventory of PGM