Stirrer vs. Twister

Comparison 1: Effectivity in Glass Homogenisation


  Conventional stirrer ARCtwister
Volume Effectivity* Partial Complete
Contact frequency** Medium High
Flow behaviour*** Reversible Irreversible
Average distance**** Short - medium Long
Glas flow profile Linear Non-linear


* Mass exchange throughout the entire relevant homogenisation space without any voids
** Glass particles in contact with the agitator elements within the volume per time unit
*** In case of discrete homogenisation
**** Trajectory of a glass particle / mass unit in a refernce volume element due to the flow characteristics



Comparison 2: Features 


Conventional Stirrer ARCtwister
Main Material Type Cast Alloy or ODS FKS®
FKS ® Grades 1* 2**
FKS ®  Sub-Grades 0 2


Conventional Stirrer ARCtwister
 Software Tools Basic Advanced


Conventional Stirrer  ARCtwister
 Base Types 1
 Variations < 25 > 100
 TOTAL variants < 25 >> 1.000 


*  e.g. FKS® Rigilit®
** dedicated Twister grades