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Ultimate material solutions

Being a leading materials technology group Umicore continuously develops new and improves existing material solutions based on the competence fields chemistry, materials science and metallurgy. These intelligent material solutions with their tailored material properties do serve as the basis for the majority of our engineering and design solutions.

FKS® Performance Materials

All our FKS® grades do have one unique strength in common: Their defined material properties will never change anymore during the entire life time in a high temperature cycle - no matter how long the cycle lasts.

  • FKS® stands for "Fein Korn Stabilisiert" (translates into "Fine Grain Stabilised")
  • Powdermetallurgical material families (nano-size particles inhibit grain growth)
  • High Temperature mechanical strength is 4 to 8 times higher compared to identical cast alloy
  • Creep resistance of FKS® PtRh10 is up to 10.000 times higher than that of an identical cast alloy (refers to FKS® Rigilit®)
  • Superior forming behaviour enables fabrication of complex geometries
  • High chemical resistance against aggressive glass melts


Our FKS® Portfolio

  Pure Pt  PtRh10 PtIr5 PtAu5
FKS® Agilit®  (x)  (-) (-) 
FKS® Rigilit® x x x x
FKS® Saeculit® (x) x (-) (-)


 x = available | (x) = developing | - = not available